ADAMASTOR is a High-Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster designed for Development, to be used by students, researchers and IT professionals in the design and development of projects in parallel programming.

The system is a small version of top rated supercomputers listed in the TOP500 and is classified a Green HPC Cluster using ARM 64-bits CPU architecture with a power consuming of 3W/Computacional Node Core.

The software available to the user it’s the same that’s installed in the most supercomputers like Message Passing Interface (MPI) standard, Slurm Workload Manager, Environment Modules system (Lmod) and programing language compilers and libraries.

Jorge Colaço (1868-1942) – ‘Adamastor’, detail of the tile panels of the Palace Hotel Buçaco, Sacavém Pottery Factory, 1907.

The name ADAMASTOR is related with a mythological character created by the Portuguese poet Luís de Camões in his epic poem “Os Lusíadas” (first printed in 1572), as a personification of the Cape of Good Hope, symbolizing the dangers of the sea and the formidable forces of nature challenged and ultimately overcome by the Portuguese during the Discovery Age (Wikipedia).

The system will be available in the end of the year 2023 with 50% of the Computacional Nodes and Login Nodes installed. The full capacity is predicted in the middle of the year 2024.